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There’s this saying at our Stroudsburg Lee Myles AutoCare & Transmissions Center: “The most expensive car repair is the one you never needed.”  If you’re visiting our site, chances are, you’re shopping for honest auto mechanics – and with all the stereotypes in the automotive repair industry, maybe you’re a bit concerned about trying to find a car mechanic you can trust? No worries. You’ve come to the right place. Spend a little time browsing our online reviews, and take note of some of the extra convenience and added value we offer in our efforts to create “Customers for Life!” We are the experts in Stroudsburg Auto Repair and Stroudsburg Transmission Repair.

Here are some of the ways Lee Myles does Stroudsburg auto repair and service different:

  • We speak your language. What makes car repair in Stroudsburg seem intimidating is when you “don’t know what you don’t know” – ya know? It’s the not-knowing that worries us. So an auto repair shop that takes the time to explain what’s going on with your vehicle and helps you make an educated decision that’s right for YOU? Now THAT’s an auto mechanic to keep around!

  • Free VIP Check.  Is your Check Engine Light on? Have you been hearing a noise or grind? Or felt a jerk or slip in the transmission?  Stop in today. We take pride in being the expert for both Stroudsburg Auto Repair and Stroudsburg Transmission Repair. There’s no charge for us to check for trouble codes and road test the vehicle with you. Let’s see what’s going on and get your vehicle running like it should.  You’ve got places to be!

  • One-Stop Car Care simplifies life.  Yes, we’re known as Monroe County’s best transmission repair shop, but it doesn’t stop there. Even beyond automatic and manual transmission repair, we’re here to help with “everything from an oil change to an engine change.”  Our experts are trained and equipped to diagnose car problems and fix your car right the first time.  Give us a call or schedule online for your next PA State Inspection, routine car maintenance, brakes, tune up, transmission fluid change, tires, suspension, car ac repair, engine repair, differential, timing belt replacement, clutch repair, oil changes, or transmission problems. Why run your vehicle all across town, when you can trust ONE auto shop to handle all your Stroudsburg auto repair needs?

  • Customer-focused comfort and convenience.  Chill out in our comfortable waiting room, enjoying the Keurig and wi-fi. Or take a Martz bus (next door at the Delaware Water Gap station) to NYC or wherever else you’d like to spend the day – Convenient car service while you’re off doing what you WANT to do! Budget any unexpected repairs with car repair financing at 0% for 6 months (with approved credit).  We make it easy!

“The people at Lee Myles really made me feel at home. Incredibly nice staff and I would Highly recommend to anyone.” Jenel L. View all Reviews